29 September 2008

I Swear...

...I leave for ten days and the House goes nuts. Lets get our poop in a group US.

Also, big shout out to Cobra Dinner who's currently hiding away in his panic room with enough rice and beans to feed a small country. Stay Strong My Man!

My toe....i believe i have some sort of toe disease. It could be falling off or slowly rotting away as I trudge through the Wyoming Countyside.

Speaking of countryside, I have a couple good photos to post but they were taken on my cell phone (left my camera in my other bag) and i am unable to send them via text because, again, I am in wyoming.

One photo is of the Brokeback Mountain painting in my hotel room...i bet you can hardly wait, right.

I began the Chocolate War. I didnt get far before my brain shut down and I fell asleep (dont worry folks, as is usally the case with my trips away from cuddling, i promptly woke up and was awake listening to random noises all night).

Anyway, so far, i am like ten pages in and so i have nothing to say yet. I am hoping to read more tonight and will get back at you.

Colorado Amendment 51

Not all "taxes" are really a "tax" in the true sense of the word.

180 to $186 million dollars are needed to serve the people on the wait lists. An increase in the state sales tax from 2.9% to 3.1% will yield that much money each year. The state sales tax does not apply to groceries, prescription medicine, medical services, rent, mortgage payments, insurance, gasoline or utilities.

A $10 sweatshirt will cost an additional 2 cents. A $50 pair of jeans will cost an additional 10 cents.

Lets vote yes on this one eh?

~That is all


Hercules Rockefeller said...

Sorry. I need that dime to tip the guy that washes my sock garters.

JorAbb said...

Over 12,000 children and adults with sever disabilities are waiting 10 plus year for basic services. The services are things like, 24/7 care, help eatting, help bathing, job training, a place to live, therapy for kids so they need less help as adults, and more. Could you imagine not being able to feed yourself and going hungry because no one would pay an extra 2/10th of a percent so you could have a care giver feed you? This is a crisis and there is no back up plan or safty net for these people! Vote yes on 51!

For more info go to www.endcoloradowaitlist.org

Bird said...

Well said, jorabb, I completely agree.