02 September 2008

Music Redux

It is very fall like today. I love the fall. It wont last so I am trying not to get my hopes up but i can say that I am in a crazy good mood.

Currently listening to a couple of songs that i think will make you feel as good as I do. Please check them out if you feel so inclined.

Love and Understanding by Red Pony Clock

A Little Bit of Arson Never Hurt Anyone by Matson Jones

and Common People by Pulp (which you will have to hunt out on your own, sorry).

In other bird music news, the Breezy Porticos, my favorite local band, is dissolving. Sadness.

You remember the Breezy P's right? Anyway, they are having a final show on October 10th at the most wonderful Hi-Dive and I think you should come. Yes, you. No, not you in the striped shirt, you there behind that guy. Yes, you! Please come.


Munpe Q said...

This is VERY close to the shirt I'm wearing today. How nice is she to exclude me?!

Bird said...

Pure coincidence...though you did mock me when i expressed sadness about the Breezy P's.

Munpe Q said...

There was no mockery, just you reading tone into an IM that was actually sympathetic.

Bird said...

Really? Curse you damn instant messaging and text messages and email and other forms of electronic communication that doesnt lend itself to situations like this. How does Stephen Hawking do it I wonder?