16 September 2008

The Random

A few things today.

#1- Heads up on Banned Books Week September 27th-October 4th.

This is a subject near and dear to me. I will blogging more about it in the next week and will have a series of posts (not too many) the week of. I will be picking out a "banned book" to read that week and would love for you to do the same. Perhaps number 88 on the Top 100 Challenged Books, Where's Waldo?

On that note, check out my bookshelf at Shelfari.com. I highly recommend this website, if only to get good recommendations.

#2- The Brian Meeker Allstars(me) are #1 in my Fantasy Football League. I only mention this because by the time week 17 rolls around (and lets be honest, week 5) i will be at the bottom of the pack and will have, again, missed the playoffs. Gotta get it while you can.

#3- I desperately want a NES and Super Mario Bros. What spurred on this sudden desire? Power Glove of course...

And i know i can play on the firefox emulator but it just isnt the same feeling the old controller in my hand and having to blow on the cartridge (NOT a euphemism). Sigh...

That is all for now.

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