25 September 2008

That Time of Year Thou May'st In Me Behold...

Preseason hockey has begun. I love hockey. Read this today and it made me happy...

"So if you're going to Mellon Arena tonight and a hoser happens to be displaying a little too much spirit for your liking, simply say "Sixty-Seven."

They probably won't clam up, but you'll feel better for pointing out that man has explored the moon more recently than a Maple Leaf has touched the Cup."

Poor Leafs..

I am off to Casper Wyoming, jealous?, tomorrow for a ten day of actual survey. Can you believe it? I havent done survey work in...two years? jesus...

Anyway, banned book posts and other random dispatches will be coming from Casper next week.

Until then- Happy weekend to you all!

~tweet tweet goes the bird~

1 comment:

Birdzilla said...

Saw a bumper sticker on a moterhome this summer it showed to angry looking bird and it said MOTER HOMER WITH A ATTATUDE