13 May 2005


I dig Kiss My Face Cranberry Orange spf 15 lip balm.

I dig ipods and free music.

I dig nice funny late night conversations.

I dig soy candles made by Curios (only the best for Bird baby!).

I dig all things zamboni.

I dig the name silverfish.

I dig haiku.

I dig the biographical encyclopedia on the back of my toilet.

I dig pals that i will now give secret nicknames to so as to avoid exposing their indentites (like superheroes)...Bat girl, Razor, Pumkinhead, Dictionary, Scoot, Peewee, Curly, Monk, Gumbo, The boy wonder, etc.

I dig roadtrips.

I dig stolen lamps and records.

I dig beer.

I dig books and...

I dig you.

No time for hate tonight folks...filled with too much love (enjoy it while it lasts!).


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