05 May 2005

Jittery Rage

Coffee.....much too much Coffee too late in the day. Such Much!

Cinco de Mayo!!!
Today, is thursday. The big Cinco de Mayo celebration is this saturday, the 7th of May. That is so fucking lame! For god sakes cant you see that??!! It is one thing to have the St. Patricks Day Parade the closest saturday to the actual 17th of March but...the fucking NAME of the holiday is CINCO de Mayo. Cinco, for you gringos means 5. Not "7". It sure as fuck doesnt mean "the saturday immediately following the 5th ". This annoys me and it does so every Cinco de Mayo. Sure you say, it isnt even a holiday you celebrate, what the fuck do you care? Hmm...excellent point. Still though, cinco.......CINCO!!

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Hugo Winterhalter said...

Cinco de Mayo is a load of Americanized horseshit anyway. Real Mexicans don't even care. Kind of like our Labor Day, which I still don't understand -- but I'll still take the day off, thank you very much.