02 May 2005

Music Rage

On any given day, at any given time there are numerable news items, political deals, commuters etc. to really get someone like me going. However, the key to it all is to focus my hate on just one or two things a day. Otherwise, i think my brain would just swell inside my skull and eventually squish out through the eyes and nose.
I had forgotten about this blog until today. I hate calling it that, shouldnt it be called a diary that has a greater chance of fucking up your life then the moleskine you keep in your nightstand? This is my DTHAGCFUYLTTMYKIYN......hmm.
Blog it is.

Time for the Two Minutes Hate!

I hate people who are so fucking aggressive about music. Why can't people own up to the fact that all music wasn't created for them...with them in mind. Why can't people say, hmm...not my speed, not my style. Why can't they recognize the talent and move on? This is what i do with Neil Young right? Yes! With My Morning Jacket? Yes. No one needs be to a dick about it when you say you like Elvis Costello Yes, I am talking to you M----. Perfect example...my friends band, eight-o-two.
This is not my style of music. Do they, in fact, rock? Very much so. They are very talented but I dont dig on it too much. See how easy it is? And when someone says to me, you don't love Eight-o-Two??!! I can say, No! But man...those guys have mad skills!!
So...all you music snobs...fucking lighten up already eh? Ooops...times up...

The Bird


Jen said...

Neil Young ROCKS.
Elvis Costello SUCKS.

Bird said...

And you seemed so sweet jen....

Jen said...

Things aren't always as they seem, my little Bird. Muhuhahahahhahaha!