19 May 2005

Preggo Rage

You know what isnt fun? Getting into heated arguments with someone you care about. Even if I am right and he is totally wrong...it still isnt fun. Yukyuk. It is a good thing that you can get into these discussions and not hate the person. That has to count for something right? Oh what do you know!

Two Minutes Hate
"Hypocrisy...never good" a wise man once told me. How right he was! I read this and felt a little happiness and a little vomit in my mouth. Good for this woman to go and walk with her class. That's some balls if you ask me (that's the happiness in case you were wondering). I am not so upset that they didnt want her to walk. As the same wise man said, "it is a private school....can do what they please, I mean, even if it's jackassy...." Another good point, someone was on a roll. However, what stinks is that the father of the child was allowed to participate in the ceremony. I dont know why I would really expect anything different. I guess i just havent warmed to the fact that it is just the woman's fault if she gets pregnant. We did eat that fucking apple and all. Honestly, with all the $$ and pleasure that has come from our little "oops" shouldnt we be getting some kind of cut of the action?

Check the expiration date on those condoms ladies!!


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