27 May 2005

Mustache Rage

The packing and the moving and the cleaning arent even the worst things about moving. It is the transferring of services that stinks. All the phone calls and hold music. It makes me batty!

Two Minutes Hate
It is clear from past posts that I have no idea what I am talking about. Today's is no exception. Sure, I could try and write something really profound about this guy. I could try and attack his policies, his morals, his values etc.
Or, in true raging bird fashion i could attack his face. More specifically, his mustache. What the fuck is that?! How can it be white and the rest of his "hair" be brown? If he was coloring his hair...why wouldnt he dye his mustache? Hasnt he been bombarded with those annoying Just For Men facial hair ads? Shouldnt someone tell him about it? It bothers me to no end. I watch him speak in defense of himself and all i can see is his mustache.

It haunts me at night. It is my white whale.

Cap'n Ahab

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