14 May 2005

Furry Friends Rage

My birthday is this month (reminder for all those living near me who havent yet purchased a lovely gift-like item for me: I enjoy beer!)...what was that you said? Happy birthday? Well thank you!
Anyway....so i received a gift in the mail from J and promptly opened it (all you folks out there who think you should wait til the actual day of the event to open gifts are just plain nuts). What was inside....wait for it. Voltron!! Ahh...how sweet life is. I love Voltron for those of you who didnt know that, and i would imagine that is the majority of you. I know people who have had the Voltron robot and i was always very jealous of them. Now I will be envied by all! Maybe if you are nice I will let you touch my robot hmm?

Two Minutes Hate

Some people think I am dead inside. Mostly because I dont like babies and chick flicks and because i say 'jesus fucking christ' a lot. But, i do have a softish side (no, not my ass you dillweed).
One thing that really upsets me is the abuse of animals. Honestly, i cannot think of a more gutless act then to hurt an animal. What sick ass fucking whack job do you have to be to hurt a dog or a cat? How many times would someone have to drop you on your fat-ass charlie brown skull for you to think that is at all entertaining? What dickless wonders' get pleasure from this shit? I am a pretty peaceful person for all of my blathering but if i ever caught someone hurting an animal i would beat the living fuck out of them. Smash their muddled brains into the sidewalk over and over again and probably love every moment of it.
Really, I cant even talk about it without getting choked up and turning red. So, since me raging about it wont do a goddamn thing i thought that if you have a perro, gato or any other pet, or if you just feel strongly about this that the best thing would be a link where you can donate $$ and items, get information tools, and volunteer. This website is dedicated to "breaking the cycle of violence through action, education, and information". This is certainly not for kids (no pictures or anything twisted like that...just heartwrenching stories). There are links (support, shop, adopt etc.) at the top that can get you to where you need to go.


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