09 April 2007


I feel inspired to blog about things I hate. Dont you feel lucky this monday morning?!

1. Tons-of-Fun
She is condescending and rude to every single person here. She has fat sausage arms and cant reach around to comb the back
of her head. She has no waist (very Penguin like) so she wears her ginormous floral print skirts under her boobs. I am usually
a very friendly person (no, it's true!) but I can say that I detest this woman and hope that i dont get the boot because i said something
nasty to her.

2. Oprah
She has no training of any kind and yet, has no qualms about telling everyone on her show, in her audience, and at home, how
screwed up they all are. She picked an absolutely amazing book for her lame-o book club and then threw a hissy fit when the author
said he didnt want her book club stamp on it (a move i totally agree with since I myself refuse to read any book she has picked).
She gives away crap on her show all the time but you know it is just because she wants people to like her. She appears on the of
cover of every issue of her magazine. For christs sake, does she need more face time?

3. Mondays
Somebody's got a case of the Mondays!

4. JB's in Cars
Seriously, have you ever had to stop yourself from ramming a car in front of you. Sat there really thinking about whether or not you
could make the police officer believe that the driver you slammed into had suddenly stopped? Debated your current wage, your
insurance premiums, the amount of possible damage..."Could i swing it?"

5. Lotto Winners
Fuck that and fuck you movies...

6. The Avalanche
Honestly, is there a team that has handled the salary cap worse then "Your Colorado Avalanche!" Not making the playoffs is a
serious disgrace. But what is worse, in my opinion, is playing so well as of late. Why the hell didnt you guys have this sense of
urgency after the all-star break? Why the hell didnt you guys play tough all year? I expect some serious changes over on Chopper
Circle and if you are any kind of fan you will be hoping for the same...


Okay, it is time for me to get back to work...did I mention work as one of the things I am hating right now??


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