20 April 2007

Well, Slap My Ass and Call Me Sally

I read a story on the local NBC website that made me shoot coffee out my nose (not recommended by the way).

First a quick peek into my geekiness...
I love many things political. Debates, voting, and i must admit city council meetings. Q and I have attended at least one meeting for the city we live in...sadly only one. But in our defense....we are lazy. No wait, the meetings are at an inconvenient time and we are lazy.

When we are sitting on our couch not going to council meetings we often watch the Aurora City Council on Television (SLACKER GEEK!). I believe that their chambers (or whatever the hell they are called) were designed by the guy who did the fireplace in Citizen Kane.

Seems a bit much to me but what do I know. They have a huge auditorium and you can tell that there is nobody in attendence. Kind of sad. However, they deal with some great stuff. People contantly underestimate what is going on in their town...or maybe they just dont care.

So, this article is about Aurora City Councilwoeman Molly Markert, which sounds like a weather girl's name right? Anyway, I have seen her on the "show" before. She never really impressed me but, honestly, very few did. I guess that on Tuesday she announced her bid for re-election...just one week after slaping or pushing a Smoky Hill School Official out of the way and saying "Do you know who I am?"

I suppose he does now and my guess is that she has lost at least one vote.

Bestest Friday to you All


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