16 April 2007

Killers Among Us

I was going to post about this lame ass couple from Colorado that annoyed me this week. (Please note that I deleted the girlscout cookie photo after girl and geek replaced it with a photo of someones cock--to teach me a lesson about stealing what must have been 58MB of bandwidth from them--though they werent brave enough to sign their names...)

The killings in Virginia put a bit of a damper on that though. Instead I have only good thoughts for folks at Virginia Tech. Everyone be safe and tomorrow I will share a story about the shootings that happened at UNC while I attended.

Sleepy sleepy bird

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DH said...

Virginia Tech is a special place--my wife refers to is as my Mecca--and it will recover. It really upsets me, though, that from now on whenever people who are not a part of the VT community hear "Virginia Tech", they will think only of the events of April 16.