19 April 2007

Two Questions

The first is rather benign; can anyone out there think of a reason that you would intentionally roll your windows down before locking it and going inside the building for work? There is some cat here at the building (a cubs fan it would seem) who drives up with his windows up, rolls them down, locks the doors (a waste of time? maybe he has one of those cobra alarm systems-which always seemed like something out of a g.i. joe cartoon), and goes inside. It could be that he doesnt want his car to get hot but, I have seen his car with the windows down in late winter and it is only supposed to be 60 degrees and windy here today. But honestly, what other reason could there be right? If i see him again I may just have to break down and speak to him.

Oh, as a quick aside, I finally saw The Pee. Yeah, pretty exciting. It is a woman but, she does have a horse face. More on that in another blog.

The second question relates to the recent tragedy in Virginia. Do you think that all this talk about what the police did or didnt do, what the mental health system did or didnt do, what university officials did or didnt do, do you think that all of this takes away from what actually happened; that 33 families have lost someone they cared about? Doesnt it seem like the bigger questions (what makes someone do something like this, how can we help these people before it happens again, etc etc) are getting lost amid the "how come you didnt know this was going to happen" kind of questions.

Everyone seems to forget that hindsight is 20/20. Of course now all the "signs" point to school shooter but in the midst of it all, it pointed to an obviously mentally ill kid. I remember reading a letter sent to the Denver Post after 9-11 asking why someone didnt predict this was going to happen. The "obvious" sign for them, September 11th, 9-11 911....duh! (by the way...i stoped reading the letters to the editor after that)

My point is, after a tragedy it is really easy to point out all the things that should have been done. Life isnt that nice though, you work with what you have and hope that it turns out for the best. I hope that soon we can stop going over and over the what-if's, the if-only's, and focus on the how-it-is.

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