10 April 2007

Rage 2.0

I woke up in a foul mood. My head hurt and i was just hating the world. These kinda days usually go one of two ways. Sometimes i push for "happy" and listen to music and think about all the wonderful things in the world. Other times I go for "raging bitch" and this is what you get...

Two Minutes Hate
I read a headline yesterday that said, "Oil Exec. Takes Home 400m in 2006" Today i see more headlines about the price of gas rising for the 10th straight week, and how gas will top out 11 whole cents cheaper then last year. These stories make me so fucking angry. There is a person making $400,000,000.00 a year. A year people...and we are paying 3 bucks for gas. I refuse to believe that his salary and the rising gas prices are somehow not connected. I am so fucking sick of stories about how we need to drill in Alaska because the cost of gas will go down. About how much crude oil costs and that is why gas is expensive. Fuck you! Our own countrymen are ass-raping us so they can have the really really nice jet and what can we do about it. Not a goddamned thing. Nothing. All you can do, honestly, are things for yourself. You can buy a car that uses less gas, prius or hell even a Honda. You can take public transportation and carpool. You can adjust your driving so that you are more efficient. You can do research on sites like GasBuddy.com for cheap gas. But if you think that calling your congressman, or signing a fucking petition is going to do anything then you are out of your mind.

Sexism and Racism in the news after Imus' stupid comments on his radio show. Lots of people are hoping that this will give us all an opertunity to discuss race and gender issues in the open. Please...while i would love to have an open and frank conversation about race and sex in this country, it just wont ever happen. I just finished a book that I would highly recomend, "The Mismeasure of Man". In it, Stephen Jay Gould takes on the idea of biological determinism. Excellent book that kind of left me feeling less certain about race relations in the modern world. Honestly, any minority doesnt stand a chance trying to change decades upon decades of racisim and sexism. These ideas--that african americans are only good at sports and music (Wow, that Barak Obama sure does speak well, as if we expected him to throw gang signs and nod his head the whole time),that women are not as smart as men (oh you're a male paralegal, so you must be getting your law degree...oh you're a male nurse so you must be studying for your MCAT),that the poor deserve to be poor because they are lazy (if you are on welfare you must not be working or even trying), these ideas have been around in some fashion for centuries. Not only that, they are perpetrated by our own kind. In my case, I dont know how many women I have met that act dumb rather then challenge a guy. It all feels too big. At a moment when I feel more comfortable with the state of the world, that we are progressing, something like 9-11 happens and now there is a new group of people for us all to hate, Muslims. Hell, watch Borat at the rodeo. If you think those people are in the minority it is time to get out and see the rest of the country.

Every goddamn person is self-absorbed and completely unaware of everything and everyone around them. I am so fucking tired of seeing people being selfish, whether it is something as simple as driving like a d-bag or as serious as blowing off people that should be important to you.

I suppose I should retitle this post the Loathing of Humainty


Pat said...

Hey, I think you should cheer up AND I know just what will do it: http://chicagosports.chicagotribune.com/sports/custom/gilthorp/

This comic is about everything that is pure and good in the world. Read it, and feel the bright sunshine wash over you. . .

Bird said...

You crack me up pat! Thanks for the link. I feel the rays as we speak!