25 April 2007

These days are ours, Happy and Free (Those Happy Days)

I am feeling especially exurberant today. Everything and everyone that is important to me seems to be making me happy today, whether they are trying to or not. Often I take this as an omen of bad things to come...life's nasty little game of building you up only to tear you down. However, today I am choosing to just live in the moment and enjoy things as they come along.


As i was googling the lyrics to Happy Days i realized that there is no consensus on many of the lines. One thing there is a consensus on...the Fonz was rad. Also, google is a cinch to install! (ahh...that joke never gets old)


I was able to yell Marty McSorley three times at lunch today.

Alright...I hope you all are having a wonderful hump day.


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