24 May 2007

Cherries Jubilee

I woke up in a bit of a grumpy mood. Not for any real reason but there it is nonetheless. I decided that I will not take off my hooded sweatshirt even if it is unprofessional. What a rebel eh?

Someone brought in cherries today. Every time I eat one i can hear my mother yelling, "You're gonna get the runs!" It sounds strange but there is a back story to it, i promise. When I was in kindergarten i was living in the Edge. We had a barn shaped house and six huge cherry trees in the front yard. I really liked the trees and ever summer someone would pick the fruit. Sometimes i would climb up and eat cherry after cherry, leading to my mother's warning about diarrhea-usually shouted at me across the yard.

I loved that house and that yard and those cherry trees. I did hate that when the fruit would drop it would rot on the ground making it just miserable to walk outside with no shoes on. Nothing it worse then walking barefoot and stepping in something squishy--unless what you stepped in wasnt a cherry but was, in fact, dog crap. I didnt have to worry about that because we didnt have a dog. Actually we did have a dog for a very short while...graham cracker. But he or she (i dont remember now) ran away--i think. Not that walking barefoot was safe you know? I mean...once i stepped on a bee. That sucked.


Quickly, i had a nice birthday and want to thank everyone for making it so. I am lucky to have such great friends, except for Mr. Squishy who was rude all night long but i still keep him around because he is a lesbian in a man's body.

An especially ginormous thanks to Q who has proved, again, to be the best boyfriend ever by listening to things that i say.


I briefly want to mention something that is beginning to drive me bonkers. "The Hills at Piney Creek" "The Shops at Southlands" etc etc. I am sure I am not the only person to have noticed this trend. I think it could possibly be the lamest bit of marketecture (thanks Q) that i have ever heard. The worst yet was a sign on a bath improvement store on Kalamath and 6th called "The Baths at Denver" or some other such nonsense. Blech....


Keep your chin up everyone, friday (and a long weekend) are just around the corner.


Anonymous said...

Was I really that much of an ass? Sorry, I was just in a fiesty mood!

verification word: VALID!

Bird said...

I assume our friend anon up here is Mr. Squishy. Nah, mister, you were just fine. I know you only tease and i also know that i can tease back. Please dont stop being fiesty or you will be boring and then I will have to stop hanging out with you.