31 May 2007

"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them." --Paul Valery

Yesterday I had a breakdown. Right there on the couch in the middle of the Colbert Report. Now, dont get me wrong, I think that Stephen Colbert is exceedingly funny. In fact, I enjoy his show more then the Daily Show. However, while watching I got disgusted at all things political.

I am so tired of this rift between the country. Republicans on one side and Democrats on the other. Conservatives vs. Liberals. I hate that all we do, on every fucking channel and in every news article, is try and come up with a clever way to skewer the other side. Every presidential candidate, on both sides, spends so much time making fun of the other party. Ripping on the current administration, bitching about the media being propaganda for the other side.

I should put it out there, right up front, that I have been one of these people that I now so despise. Perhaps I havent spit republican curses as vehemently as others, but i have still participated. I would like to think I am a little wiser (no snickering from the peanut gallery) and a little more mature...maybe I have just spent a little time around people I thought I knew. Turns out, things are much more complex...

With that being said...how can we get anything accomplished with all this complaining and cursing. No one in congress is interested in getting anything done, they just want to prevent the "other side" from getting their items passed. All the presidental candidates spend hours each day telling the media jokes about john edwards' hair dresser and bush's lack of intelligence. I dont give a fuck how you voted for the war in iraq...what i care about is how you are going to deal with it in 18 months. I care about what the government is going to do about health care, abortion, social security, security abroad and at home, the environment. I want to hear about plans for the future.

"A politician thinks of the next election - a statesman of the next generation."
- James Freeman Clarke

I want a statesman.

I want to be able to discuss issues without having to defend my party. I want to be able to talk about current events with a friend without them having to justify their vote eight years ago. I am tired of the news focusing on how Sen. Clinton used her private jet and asking candidates how they would deal with a terrorist plot straight out of a horrible Steven Segal movie..."Okay Gov. Romney, lets say you're at a Penguins-Kings game and you get word there is a bomb in the rink..."

What is it going to take to get this country on track? I am not asking for our leaders to play nice and get along. I am not that dumb. I just want us to focus on issues that are important to us. I want us to try and do what is in the best interest of the country and not just our party.

Is it going to take some sort of plague to wipe out half of the country? I've read The Stand so I know how that will end. What about a natural disaster to kill off some people and maybe focus the rest of us? Oh wait...I know how that will turn out too.

Look, i am not trying to defend anyone or put anyone down. I just want to know that some politician somewhere is focused on making a difference. Hell, even if i dont agree with his stance, as long as he is doing it for the right reasons, it is a step...

"Elections are won by men and women chiefly because most people vote against somebody rather than for somebody."
- Franklin Pierce Adams

Wouldnt it be nice to vote for someone for once?

I hate to suggest that it is just politicians who are to fault. Everyone is so angry with the other party. The media folks, the guy sitting next to you at the bar, your mother. Everyone is just filled with this rage..anger can be a great thing but we have all seemed to focus it on people rather then on action for a better world.



Hercules Rockefeller said...

Tancredo in '08!

Suck it, libs.

Bird said...

There's the intelligent comment I was looking for sklimps. That dig on Tank was pretty funny eh?

Bird said...
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Hercules Rockefeller said...

Yeah, that's the kind of polite discourse I thought you were looking for.