08 May 2007

Poop McGee

I saw a story on the CNN website about a student who posted a photo of herself on myspace with the caption "Drunken Pirate." It seems that her professors saw it and decided not to issue her teachers license.

Now...first of all, I am all about being professional. I mean, here i am at work blogging so-obviously i am a kick ass worker right? I can support the idea of holding people to higher standards but this seems to be a bit over the top to me. Or maybe what bothers me is that we are so tough on teachers-to-be but not so tough on governmental officials or priests or someone who has some actual power.


After some tasty ice cream with the texas rangers (the whole team) last night Q and i went to see spiderman 3. Ready for some spoilers??!! Spider Man has a twin!! No wait, that isnt a spoiler...that's just a lie. Here is my quick review of the movie, in conversation form.

Bird: What?
Q: I dont know?
B: Seriously, what the hell is going on.
Q: Shhhh

Yes so, take what you will from that.

The best part of the whole night was that some guy behind us was taping the film and a guy on the end of the row looked like he wet his pants.


I chose Stormello in the Kentucky Derby, moments before it ran. I looked at the names and picked the one I liked. Stormello came in 19th. Lamello is more like it. I just came up with that joke....and it shows.


Mothers' Day is this weeked (your welcome) and the little tiny store near my house has the giant mothers day cards. Do you think that I could mail one of those?

Okay, play time is over folks. I must get back to it.



Pat said...

Please tell me "texas rangers" is not some reference to a certain show starring Chuck Norris. Please, please, please let this not be the case. I beg you. Please.

Bird said...

Sadly Pat, that is exactly what it is. However, because I am so dang sweet I will let you choose your own nickname if you would like. It better be good though.

Bird said...

Hey Maybe it can be

Chuck Norris likes to “knit sweaters” in his spare time, and by “knit” I mean “kick”, and by “sweaters” I mean “babies”.