29 May 2007

Holy Crap

So, I am still in the midst of Collapse, By Jared Diamond. I am on page 365 and honestly, it feels like it has taken a year to get this far. The book isnt bad but could use some serious editing. There are nuggets of information that blow me away still, which is why I am determined to finish it. This one made me blurt out, "Holy Crap!":

"For instance, between 1972 and 1997 there were flow stoppages on the lower Yellow River (China's second largest river) in 20 out of the 25 years, and the number of days without any flow increased from 10 days in 1988 to the astonishing total of 230 days in 1997."

230 days?? That is insane. Can you even imagine that?

I am beginning to think we are all screwed....

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