18 May 2007

Get Bent

Here is what is driving me crazy today:

"Are working moms to blame for chubby kids?" Seriously? Are working dads to blame for chubby kids? Nope, just working moms because everyone knows that my vagina allows me to cook healthy meals! Wow, how powerful my vagina is! Who knew?!

"If you're a female singer, you'd better be sexy." Women have to be sexy to get a recording contract and last night Q and I saw Rufus Wainwright wearing lederhosen on Letterman. That just seems like a raw fucking deal right?

"Gorilla injures two in zoo escape." Fucking gorillas...


Last night i was crusing through the cable channels at warp speed when I caught the beginning of Jack Van Impe. This guy is truly insane. I saw him the first time in college and every week he tells you about how any moment jesus is coming back. He bolsters his proof of christs' immanent return with news articles that his wife digs up. Her name is Rexella. She sounds like a Japanese monster and she talks like a squeaky mouse. Just recently it seems that Rexella bought her self...um, i mean, earned herself a PhD. Nice eh? I hope someday to get my doctorate in prophetical studies or some other nonsense.


Tomorrow is the beginning of Q and my Mystery Weekend. I know where we are going, do you? Wanna guess? I'll give a special prize if you guess right!


The most important holiday of all is approaching. Yes, more important then easter or xmas or even your birthday...that's right, MY birthday. Have you already made your checks out to my favorite charity, Nelnet Student Loans? Come on people, it's for charity!


Okay, it is friday so enjoy the nice weather and the weekend!


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