01 May 2007

Random Notes

I feel compelled to write today which I think will end badly for me. I am grouchy and crabby and annoyed which can only lead to poor writing and a general feeling of hatred for all man kind.

Today is May 1st.
See up at the top where it says May 1st? Yep. I can hardly believe that (SHAMELESS REQUEST FOR GIFTS) my birthday is only 21 days away, and counting! Time just shoots right on past us whether we want it to or not.

Happy May Day whether you be a communist or a pagan hippie.

Tons-of-Fun Count
I am avoiding TOF like the plague...or the plaque which is how i initially typed it. ("I am not an Indian Chief, Chief of Police, or a chef...I'm dumb")
I was going to have munpe q set me up with a counter so i could tally how many days have gone by with out speaking to her. Sadly, as i was typing this bit she asked me for something and I had to help her...although you will be happy to hear that I was unfriendly and curt. That says curt you pervs.

Jared Diamond
It seems to me that Mr. Diamond doesnt like archaeologists or anthropologists very much. I am currently reading Collapse and am enjoying it...however (beware of the ides of march and however's) he often says things like "I dont like archaeologists or anthropologists" No wait..that is just a lie. He says things like, "...many or most european and american anthropologists...are horrified at the thought of it (cannibalism) being practiced by peoples that they admire and study..." Seriously Jared, there are a lot of arch's out there with white mans guilt (as I call it) but lots of us understand that native americans are just people, like everyone else. In fact, i myself wrote a paper supporting cannibalism in 1998. Suprisingly enough, both Diamond and myself refer to the same site in Colorado, Cowboy Wash. Still, it is an interesting book and I would recommend it to others...just know that all archaeologists arnt such homers.

I am going to get back to work...because I just read an article where someone quoted David Halberstam, "Being a professional is doing your job on the days you don't feel like doing it."

Damn you Halberstam...


Brando is Commando said...


So Bird, her man, and I saw the "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" movie. I hated it. Not only did I dislike it, but actual hate crept into my heart for the first time in my life. Bird, laughed like a African cockatiel, I just sat there in mind numbing anger. I wanted to poke Bird and her man (Who will remain unnamed in this comment for safety sake.) in the face each time they let out a chuckle. I had invited a 4th party to the movie as well. I had never seen the TV show, and TRUSTED my friends to steer me in the direction of funny. They however steered my 4th party and I into certainty of hate. How could Bird do this to me?


Brando is Commando

P.S. I did see one episode of Aqua Teen Hunger force about hand banana. It was actually funny. I saw others and hatred blackened my soul once again.

Bird said...

Brando you are insane! ATFH was fantastic. Maybe some of our entertainment would have rubbed off on you had you not sat so far away. Did you sit far away because you had no man-panties on?