18 December 2007


I am at Munpe Q's office. It is new and nice and he has the longest computer screen I have ever seen. it is like...9miles long. Like, schlong long...

Let me give you a list of things I like about Q's new job
+ 25 cent sodas!

That's it because, really i dont work here so things he likes about it are probably totally different then things i like...

Saw I Am Legend last night. I dont know what to say about it really. I guess, after all the previews etc, I was so very excited for it. Which is why I kinda felt let down after it was over but i have to ask myself, "Self," cause that's what I call myself, "Was that really a bad movie?" The answer is...no not at all...which is why i cant figure out what to say about it.

I can tell you that i had a dream that I was riding around in a Border Patrol Truck with Master Chief and we had to roll the windows up because of a virus. But he would need to pull over and as crazy people different strange and vague questions. It was unsettling Needless to say, I didnt sleep well.

I have lots-o-shopping to do. Serious shopping is needed for my rich uncle skeleton, Hercules Rockefeller. If you happen to know him and maybe also know what he wants could you please help me out? Sweet thanks.

Alright kiddos. I plan on using the remainder of my time reading my newest Haruki Murakami book, which i have had to ignore because i actually have work to do.

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