29 December 2007

Q & A with Munpe Q

Q and i just got back from the tattoo shop. Somebody got ink and it wasnt me. Neither of us feel like drinking or watching a movie so we came back to mess around with xmas gifts and watch some football. Go Giants!

You know what happens when birdy gets bored...

Random Blog!! Lucky Q...i decided to grill him and then post the answers.

(aside: has anyone else seen the pretentious hummer helps commercial? blech, i feel dirty just for watching it.)

Bird: What should be my first Question Munpe Q?
Munpe Q: That's an interesting thing you've asked. The first question in an interview style Q&A should be "what was your first reaction when the NHL came to you for a potential trade?"

B: Wouldnt i only ask that if you were an actual NHL player??
Q: Yes

B: Okay...Who do you like in the game tonight?
Q: I like the Pats. I think the combination route the Giants just tried to run provides an insight into their weaknesses.

B: Did you just make that up?
Q: Yeah why?

B: No reason...How was your xmas?
Q: It was in reverse, interestingly enough.

B: How's that?
Q: Instead of opening gifts traditionally, we actually had to wrap all our gifts, put them under the tree and then eventually return them to the store.

B: Are you saying you didnt like the shit I got you?
Q: The shit you got me, was indeed, shit.

B: I guess I kinda walked into that eh?
Q: Yes

B: What should I ask you?
Q: You already asked me that.

B: What do you think they are talking about in March on the NFL Network?
Q: I am going to sound like an idiot but I believe they are talking about math equations etc.

B: Like SAT/ACT prep?
Q: Sure.

B: Is it possible that this is the worst idea I have ever come up with for a blog?
Q: As, the subject matter, yes I believe you could have done better.

B: Sigh...this thing is done....

Fancy ink shots after the initial bleeding is done.


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