06 May 2008

God Cuz Damn...

I have a head cold....

I hate colds. I guess that is a stupid thing to say because seriously, is there someone who lives for a good fever and chills? Dumb.

One of the things I hate the most is how stupid a cold makes you feel. For example, this morning alone, I have spent:

3 min trying to get hot water out of the hot water machine before i realized it wasnt on.

1 min humming out loud before my co-worker asked me if I was humming the theme from the pirates of the Caribbean (i wasnt...it turns out i was humming Green Day).

2 min staring at the papers in front of me before i remembered i was supposed to be writing a annotated bibliography.

and 1 min opening drawers in my filing cabinet before I could remember what i was looking for.

Oy vey...

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