28 May 2008

An Open Letter To iTunes...

Look...you don't really know me, and for you to assume that I would like Smash Mouth and Brad Paisley kind of hurts. Also, the Juice Newton thing is an aberration. I mean, that song has a very specific memory you know? Certainly you can understand that. Everyone has a song like that...one that they cherish and at the same time, are embarrassed by.

I can tell you this, if you did know me you wouldn't offer up Jimmy Buffet just because I like Surfer Girl. How do those even relate? You aren't that dense are you, to just plop all "beach music" into one category? And just because I bought that DeVotchKa song from the Little Miss Sunshine Track doesn't mean I enjoy soundtracks and am interested in owning the music from August Rush...it means that 'Til the End of Time' isn't on any other album.

Anyway, thanks...

Your Pal,

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