01 May 2008

Swept Away

A horrible Madonna movie and an even worse second round series against the Red Wings. If you've seen swept away you know how bad that is.

Here's the score for you non-fans, non-sports center watching, non-newspaper reading folks...

8 to 2....the Avs lost Game 4 eight to fucking two.

I mean, what can you even say about that? It is just pathetic. I remember feeling the same way after a very similar game seven loss against the red wings in 2002. At the time i said something like, it was such a shitty loss that you cant even be mad. I mean, it wasnt like we didnt get it done...like we werent prepared. When you lose 8-2 it means you didnt even show up. It means that you got distracted by something shiny in the locker room and never even made it to the bench.


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