16 May 2008


I have nothing to say. I havent posted in a while so i feel like i should but really, there is nothing that has piqued my interest.

In the last week I have acquired bronchitis, highly recommended if you havent tried it.

I watched War of the Worlds, the Tom Cruise version with the scary ass robot sounds.

I stayed home on Monday and Tuesday and watched horrible day time television, which included an ANTM marathon. Sadly, or luckily, i was in and out of sleep the whole time.

I was tricked.

And just now I saw a coyote.

he didnt look that mad though....

Also...this just makes things worse for shovel bums...

~Pretty lame week? Yes, I suppose....but have i mentioned that my born day is less than a week away? Indeed. Checks can be made out to N-e-l-n-e-t S-t-u-d-e-n-t L-o-a-n-s.

Tweet tweet

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