20 May 2008

Let's Get a Little Perspective Here...

Right now I am angry at the Library of Congress. All i want to do is find some stupid information about Fort Duncan in Eagle Pass but every time i get into the system I am promptly booted out because, "All available connections to
the Online Catalog are currently in use." How can that be, LOC, when I am looking at a lists of results? Shouldnt I be using one of those connections? Over and over and over again this would happen. Get in, type Fort Duncan, get the boot. Get in, type Fort Duncan, get a list of results, get the boot.

I kinda wanted to fly out there and kick someones ass but then I read that Ted Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor and I thought, "You know what bird? Just shut up about your Library of Congress 'problems'" And that is just what i did.

Two Minutes Hate
It's been awhile since i have had a good hate....

Today it comes to you courtesy of Focus on the Family. I stumbled on a recent article where FOF is asking Marriott International to stop offering adult movies to guests, the group "also suggested that hotels make guests request the movies at their front desks instead of from their rooms."

Now, i dont think pron is for everyone and if you think it is immoral and wrong you are totally entitled to that opinion. In fact, i dont even mind FOF making the request. I mean, I dont have a problem with pron or people wacking off to it at the hotel, there is no way Marriott will drop it, but if you wanna ask then go right ahead. The bit that really annoyed me are the reasons FOF gave for trying to ban the pron...they said "pornography feeds prostitution and sexual abuse."

...Um What?!!? Prostitution and abuse? Do they have some sort of data to back up a claim like this or is it like me saying that Broccoli feeds wizardry and tennis elbow?

Not only is the claim ludicrous and without merit but it actually takes away from the real causes of prostitution and abuse. Do they think crazy guys like Brent Brents' looked at a copy of Juggs and then said, "Hmm, i feel like raping a 11 year old girl and her grandmother."

Does FOF think that if you get rid of dirty mags and videos that people will stop thinking about their junk? Everyone will be asexual until they get into a monogamous relationship when they will then realize their junk's a burnin' and then they will have sex in the missionary position until they die.

Do they think that if I catch glimpse of a pair of boobs or, heaven forbid a wang, that i will promptly leave my job as a shovelbum and go start sleeping with men for money. Is the only thing keeping me from prostitution the lack of anal play i have watched while staying at a Marriott? Or, perhaps, could it be contributed to a million other relevant things?

If FOF wants to deal with sexual abuse in this country I am all for it. But maybe lets focus on actual causes like the fact that sexual assault is a question of power, not passion. And that "Of convicted sexual assaulters, 50% repeat their crimes."

If you want to stop prostitution then maybe focus on why these men and women choose to sell themselves. Perhaps look into poverty, addiction to drugs or alcohol, low self esteem, history of abuse and neglect, no education and a feeling of no alternatives, and those who are forced either through human trafficking or some other violent and threatening means.

That felt nice.