13 October 2008

Canada and England

All things non-USA today.

First, Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

I hope yours turns out better than most of mine, drunk on box wine and ignoring my family. Later, crying into the pumpkin pie before screaming at a sibling and telling them to fuck off about mom's dishes!

Good times Canada, good times.

Oh, and what's this?? Look, i know that you guys couldnt keep the old song but really? Electric guitars? Blech, this is right out of the 80's. Sadness.

For all you lower 48 not familiar with the former HNIC theme, please enjoy (try to ignore all the wooshing and breaking glass sounds).

Oh i love you former HNIC theme song!

I read this article today about a woman in england who has kept a diary for 67 years. Writing every single day of her life. This is a wonderful article that made me laugh so hard that i nearly peed.

Alright one US thingy...but just because it is so damn funny....


Munpe Q said...

One recommendation, perhaps not using the HNIC acronym would be wise. A lot of people in the extreme lower 48 states (read: deep south) may end up with the wrong meaning.

Bird said...

Well color me surprised! Lets call canada and let them know. Grapes will have something to say about this for sure.