07 October 2008


I found out today (monday?) that a friend of mine died over the weekend. I am dumbstruck by the news. How come smart, funny, kind and generous people like Dale Heckendorn and Jim Payne die so young and so many douchebags live into their 70's? The world isnt fair like that.

I will have some DH stories when my brain can sort it all out. For now, deep sorrow and kind thoughts to his family.

To take my mind off of the sadness, here is a lackluster movie review...

Q and I saw Choke after i returned from cowboy country. I was pretty excited about this movie since the last Chuck Palahniuk book turned movie was pretty good (Fight Club, in case you arent a reader), also, Sam Rockwell is an actor i enjoy so you know...good thoughts going in.

Sadly...the film wasnt nearly as good as the book, which happens all the time, but worse than that- the movie alone wasnt even good. It was slow and seemed to shoot over sections that were important. There were moments that would...shine i suppose, but it was never quite there.

All in all, a large disappointment.

So there is my depressing blog for the week. More later...or maybe not.

~Tweet tweet goes the sad Bird~


Jim Satterfield said...

Dale will be missed by many colleagues and family alike. Please do tell us a story as many of us did not get to know him as well as we could have.

TravelMugQueen said...

Hey "Bird" good to hear from you!
I still need to tweak my blog to do justice to Dale. Don't know if it's possible. Yeah, what you said, exactly. We're all pretty damn sad over at ye olde SHPO. Talk about irreplaceable.
His service is Saturday at 10, at Fairmount. I'm betting it will be packed.