16 October 2008

Politics and Hockey

I am already tired of "Joe the Plumber" stories. Seriously, neither McCain or Obama are people like me. And thank god for that. I can barely run my life let alone a country. I dont want you to be my pal. I want to know that you are smart and thoughtful. If you are those things then you will certainly be able to understand my worries and concerns.

The avs have been playing well...they havent been winning, but they have been playing well. They are more aggressive in the last four games. They are, usually, attacking the puck more. They are fighting back from goals and tying it up. And then...inevitably...the other team scores with three minutes, four minutes, five seconds left to win the game. What do you think the issue is? I am thinking goal tending. The fact that Raycroft is in net makes me think i am right.

We are 0-3 and i dont want to be 0-4....


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