30 October 2008

Election Day is Now

...or more precisely, yesterday. For me at least.

My voting experience was as predicted-smooth. I dont actually have much to say except that the crowd was diverse (race and gender and age-wise) and that there were a number of older first time voters. The gentleman(mid 40's) in front of me was asking if I had voted before and if the machines were hard to figure out, which i thought was neat. Oh, they also ran out of I Voted stickers so I had to settle for a sticker that said "Bone Density Test." It wasnt quite the same.

It took about 30min and so i listened to the ipod while waiting and came upon the most perfect voting song. I cant believe it didnt come to me sooner.

Funky President by James Brown

"Stock market going up, jobs going down
There ain't no funky job to be found
Tax keep going up
I changed from a glass, now I drink from a paper cup
Gettin' bad
People people
We gotta get over before we go under"

It is like he knew we were in an economic crisis. Smarty James Brown.

I hope you have/will vote and I wish you all luck in doing so. Don't let the long lines and possible tap dancing and sock puppetry turn you off.

~Bird jumps back, she wants to kiss herself.


Anonymous said...

No stickers?!?! I was given two last night-- "one for today and one for Tuesday"!

Bird said...

Well Anon, that hardly seems fair does it?! Perhaps you can pass your used sticker to me on Tuesday so that I dont feel left out?

If not, i am going to have to make my own huge "I VOTED...last thursday" sticker so as to make up for it all.

Bird said...

Also...congrats on Voting!!