22 October 2008

Things You Already Know

Hi, I'm Bird. You may remember me from previous posts like;

"The Pledge of Allegiance"

"Stupid Brian Meeker"

and "The Stock Raising Homestead Act of December 1916 Rage"

I am here today to tell you about...


1. Ironman...good movie. If you have been holding out on watching it until you got a recommendation from me, go ahead and see it. I finally did and thought to myself...hmm this really is a good movie.

2. Weathermen arent usually right. I usually dont complain about weather people because, seriously do you know the kind of hate mail they get? Me either but I bet it is extensive. Also, "predicting" something as random as the weather in colorado is like trying to herd cats. That being said, stop teasing me with possible snow weathermen! I love myself some first snow. Like everyone else I am ready for spring by late March, but right now I am jonesing for the white stuff (and snow too...yukyuk) and this non-stop, "snow overnight with accumulation on grass" only to wake up to cold weather(yay) and no snow(boo) is making me mad.

3. Commercial radio blows. This morning my ipod locked up and so i was stuck listening to the radio on the way in. Usually i just listen to NPR but they are in the middle of a pledge drive and i am a horrible fucking person so i turned it. However, there is hardly anything good out there. I had to blaze through two playings of that suicide inducing Kid Rock song, stale and dumb morning "zoo" shows, and 1 gabillion commercials. I am not even joking. Can't we do something about it?

Thanks for reading and I will see you next time...on the tubes!!



Anonymous said...

Re: 3

Rock the KUVO

Bird said...

Yeah, KUVO and 1190 are what i listen to when i am tired of my music. Also, and lets not tell anyone this bit (Thank god only you and I read this Anon), i listen to Studio 1430 for 40's, 50's, and jazz...

Anonymous said...

I had completely missed The Stock Raising Homestead Act of December 1916 Rage. And I hate Charlie Lee White, too.