29 October 2005

Halloween Rage

I love Halloween. I dont know why. I dont think i had a memorable halloween as a kid but as an adult it is my favorite holiday. I think because it is strange and fun. Something about people dressing up perhaps. Even though this bird isnt child friendly, i really enjoy checking out kids costumes. Some of them are down right hilarious. You can tell that these kids are going to be something special. Today, while on my way to the tire store i saw a kid dressed as a mail man. He had the mailman hat, the bag, the blue shirt and dark pants and a pair of loafers. I nearly ran him over i was laughing so hard. (see what i mean about not kid friendly?)

This may lead you to ask the bird..."Bird, how did you see a kid dressed up, in the middle of the day, on the 29th no less." To you, dear questioner i would say this...

Two Minutes Hate
There were kids trick-or-treating at noon at some shops near my house. Now, this bothers me a bit but I can understand why shop owners do this. However, all you little bastards who are going out trick-or-treating tonight...tell your parents they are assholes. Go on...i'll wait.

You cant make a kid trick-or-treat on saturday because it is easier for you! damn man dont you know anything? I'm looking at you Sam!!

I just want to thank the UNC Bears (my stinky alma mater) for whooping up on the Fat Loser...i mean Fort Lewis Skyhawks (as opposed to the lesser known groundhawk). Sklimps went to Fort Lewis (How do you get a Fort Lewis Graduate off your porch? Pay for the Pizza!) and we had a little bet going as to who would win. Of course Sklimps knows that the SH's were gonna get blown away but like a good booster he still made the bet. Final score? 45-14! Thanks man---i like my beer ice cold!

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GO Skyhawks!