11 October 2005

A Perfect Moment

Do you ever have one of those moments that just shine?

Yesterday I am coming home from work. It had been snowing/raining all day. It was kind of gloomy which i love. I was headed toward my first NHL game in over a year. I was excited and giddy and totally feeling it. Erasure had just popped up on the ipod and I was loving it! I am headed up a hill, singing along. I look over and there, in the rain and freezing temperatures is an inflatable Sports Clip Mascot. The poor person in the blow-up suit is twirlling and hopping and most likely cursing outloud while doing it. Just as I look over, they fall...hitting the ground and rolling a bit. Trying to get up must be impossible in one of those things since your arms are trapped inside. I cant imagine how hard it is in the freezing rain on an incline.

Everything around me became clear for a moment. like the heavens opened and every car paused. I saw it all happening from above, like an out of body experience. It was amazing. Then, just as quickly it was gone. Another perfect moment...

Life can be so beautiful sometimes. I am just sad a poor inflatable mascot had to be hurt so that I could remember that...


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