25 October 2005


So...i have been drinking...excuse this post.

Slim, Laser and I were sitting around drinking, as we sometimes do...

Scoot was asking about her name. Upset that she had to be called scoot even though we all agreed that scoot was a cute name and Scoot is, easily, the cutest person I know. Really, i cant even explain this to people. Not cute like oh, hello kitty...but cute like...holy fucking shit that is so goddamn cute....god be buggered that's a big ass fajita plate cute!

So...Scoot decided that she wanted to be called:
Yo! I'm a badass mo fo kick your sweet behind from here to
Tinglewood bitch I fucking own your shit, aka Scoot.

Wow....that is a long name but what ever YIBMFKYSBFHTBIFOYS aka Scoot wants, she gets.

Scoot also did this...several times.

There were a number of great phrases that were passed around but my drunken mind has forgotten them all. Slim...laser...help me out eh???

sleepy bird say


Munpe Q said...

Is Scoot aware of the legacy of her name sake? There is a long line that her name is associated with. There's the Geddup Noise and the follow up from his cousin Chair Scoot. It's quite a damn good thing.


SLIM said...

that is damn funny, but I think YIBMFKYSBFHTBIFOYS aka Scoot name was a bit longer with a couple more mo-fo's in there somewhere!!!
But all in all, I'm sure YIBMFKYSBFHTBIFOYS aka Scoot will be very pleased.
YIBMFKYSBFHTBIFOYS aka Scoot is the best.

Jackerz said...

And here I thought *I* was the cutest person you knew! ;D

Badass said...

YIBMFKYSBFHTBIFOYS aka Scoot here. Awww, Bird, you make me blush! And you can just call me BADASS for short. :D

Y'all ROCK! And today is FRIDAY - WHAHOOOOO!