22 October 2005

Notes From The PK

Promise Keepers....

It rolls around the PC once a year and for some reason i end up signing up for it. Glutton for punishment? Perhaps. Maybe I am just looking for blog fodder...

I was at a stationary position all night which is nice because it lets you experience the freakshow that is PK-2005 or as it was often called, "The Awakening". People often ask us KSE employees....what is the worst event you work? Mine was the Nas show where I got punched in the face (see previous blog) or maybe the Reel Big Fish Show. PK is nowhere near the worst event. It is easy and the guys mostly stay away from you. However, it is hands down the biggest white trash event. Most people are surprised by that. Thinking that monster trucks or some country music show would be the worst. Honestly, there were more toothless men (i counted 15 from my post) then minorities.

There was a group of men, just down from me, who would stop random people-chat with them and then force them into some kind of group hug/prayer circle. The men would leave looking teary and moved but I think it is a kind of religious sexual harassment. My coworker and i were scared to walk near them lest we be dragged inside.

Some crazy man wearing a beanie (with propeller) and flashing lights and a goofy outfit (his attempt to be "wacky" and connect with the kids), asked us how many PC employees were "serving the Promise Keepers" tonight. He looked upset when I laughed and said, "oh no...we are getting paid for this...are you kidding??" Me and my stupid mouth...always talking before i think.

I saw a highschool classmates father at the event. Melanie Keuglers dad....wow. I cant believe i recognized him after all these years. The small town where I graduated high school had less then 1000 people but 10 churches. Everyone went to church and if you werent a church family (like myself) you were not to be trusted. The irony of the whole situation, one that has been repeated over and over again throughout the nation, is that most of the "good church kids" ended up pregnant, dropping out of school, on drugs, arrested etc. Melanie was one of these kids. She ended up pregnant had an abortion and got pregnant again. She decided to keep it, moved to Chicago and then gave it up for adoption. I wanted to ask Mr. Keugler how his daughter was doing but i couldnt stop laughing.

The best quote of the night came from a man who walked up to us, eyes glazed over.
Man: "No beer sales?"
Me: "No, sorry sir"
Man: "Damn, I never would have let them talk me into coming if I knew there wasnt going to be any beer..."


So, during some events I pick something to count. Depending on the show it can be mullets, leather pants, how many times someone says "howdy" or "sweetheart", whatever seems appropriate for the show. Tonight I chose Toothless Men and how many times someone said "God Bless". As I mentioned before...15 toothless men. Wow! I figured that the God Bless would be off the charts however, I only got 4 God Blesses. What the fuck churchies? I was helping you all over the place...the least you could do was try and help my cause with the big guy upstairs.

I am sure it will be okay though because someone told me as I was going on break that they would pray for me.


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Hugo Winterhalter said...

At PK 2002, I watched a man died of a heart attack right before my eyes. God took him.