06 October 2005

A Rage in Two Parts

I am going to the doctor tomorrow to have my foot looked at. It is fine and it feels good but people wont leave me alone about it (oh Bird...we care about you and dont want you to hurt your foot...bunch a punks). Also, i have health insurance so why not take care of it eh? I dont like doctors much. "But Bird" you say, "isnt your brother a doctor?" Ahh yes, the Lieutenant Commander...but see, he doesnt poke me with needles, something about it being unethical...but that doesnt stop me from asking for free medical advice and getting pain meds, if ya get my meaning. Anyway...xrays will ensue and i will have updates since i know you are all on the edge of your seats. Soon photos of my foot. For now...this photo that Scoot took in Amsterdam will have to do.


Two Minutes Hate
Part 1
I am sitting here in Boulder with nothing to do! No work. Nothing!!!! I came home from Nevada and i am sitting here waiting for 7pm when K has graciously agreed to drop me off at home. only six more hours of watching the time slowly tick off the clock. How can there be nothing for me to do? Before there was too much to do and now, 15 days later there is nothing? NOTHING??? I am going crazy! CRAZY!!!
I am moving to San Francisco, working in a bookstore. I will tell you which one and you can come visit. People always say I'll visit but they never do. Someone come visit me??!!!! Right now!

Part 2
This isnt so much a rage. I thought that I would share some notes I took while drinking heavily and watching the game last night. Here's the first ever...

Birds' Drunken Analysis
Written on a cocktail napkin...

Guys I like tonight
~Ian Lapirrerre Lapaireair...a pair of air...pears eat hair.
~Ryan Smyth of edmonton

I miss yubyub(Greg de Vris looks like an ewok)

Conklin is playing well...better then i expected him too.

Plop plop...fizz fizz Antti Laaksonen

Where's Tanguay? Oh there he is 7:08 remaining in the 3rd.

Where is the D on that pass man!!(this I yelled loudly...)

Aebi should have been there for the Horcoff goals

Forsberg doesnt look right in a flyers jersey

Bonk....did I start Bonk?(I didnt by the way)

Even though we lost I am still as giddy as a school girl

Wow....riveting thought provoking analysis from the best mind in hockey...

All my fantasy team names need to be changed from the Solid Muldoons to the Fluffernutters.

Aside 2
I totally scored free tickets to the home opener on the tenth. Great seats too...who wants ta come??!!

I have nothing left to say...

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