15 July 2005

Love For the Bone

Oh...you perverts.

I need to do a little thanking of a specific person. A good pal of mine has saved my ass not just once...but TWICE this week.

First...he helps me at the grocery store. Then, last night...I call him at 1am just before he goes to bed. Yes, boys and girls, birdy locked herself out of the car. So, Bone got up, put on clothes and drove his ass to the Tom's Dinner to give me an extra set of keys.

Oh Bone, how I love you....let me count the ways: 1, you saved my ass the the Queen Sooper 2. you saved me $150 in slim jim work. Guess that is it...but still 2 ways isnt bad at all!

Bird The Bone Lover (in more ways then one!)

1 comment:

Bone said...

If you ever call me at 1:00 in the morning to unlock your car door again, I'm going to freeze your extra set of keys into a frozen bag of urine and give it back to you.

PS: Everyone needs to show more love for the Bone.