07 July 2005

Rat Bastard Rage

Good wishes to folks in London after blasts there early this morning. If you have friends or family in the area and cant get a hold of them, check out the British Red Cross web page for information on how to track them down. My friend at work jokes about getting a gun "...you know, for the revolution." Maybe she knows something I dont. These kind of terrorist acts are going to get more and more common in areas that have forever been "safe", part of living in a modern world I suppose.

What really gets me is that you know Bush and Blair are going to use this as an "I told you so!" You know that Bush is going to pull the pig-dog American routine and say that this is why we are in Iraq and cant leave. You know this will be a way for them to push the Downing St. Memos under the rug. You know that he will insult every Londoner by making that smug little fucking face and lecturing to them about how America understands and how we are in Iraq to protect them. "See, UK? We are so helpful! Please dont pull out your troops like Poland...our second bigest ally!!"

Pops is out of his everloving gourd. He is taking 900 bucks a month, a dog, a beat up old truck and trailer and leaving the town he was born in to drive around the county til he dies. He is sick, not should-be-in-the-hospital-but-broke-out-to-spend-his-remaining-days-living kind of sick, just old man sick. He is supposed to be on oxygen but I am sure he isnt using it. God only knows what pills he should be taking. If he stayed where he was he would have maybe 5 years left but with this new plan I think it will be more like 2-3.

Sure...the idea is romantic. I can understand his motives. I would much rather live out my few remaining years traveling, albeit living in a dumpy trailer on forest service land. It is probably better for him to do this then to remain at home, never leaving his garage, smoking butt after butt and insulting minorities (you racist shit). Good for him...let him die feeling free and unhindered.

This is where I was going to begin my hate...talk about how my father can be the most self absorbed jerkoff. Discuss how my whole life was shaped by his surpreme acts of laziness. Just cant bring myself to bitch about it anymore. He tires you out...must be what my mother felt after a while. Just tired.

Well Fuck...that sounds depressing. How bout this to cheer us all up eh?


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