26 July 2005

Verbal(Kint) Comity

The Electric Emphysema White Bread Cheese and Keystone tour has moved up north. Look for dates in your area!

Things are moving swiftly in the NHL now that the lockout is over. So far the most interesting item is that Darren McCarty was put on waivers. McCarty is a huge fan favorite, mostly for doing things like this, this, and this. He is a real glue guy that you know Detroit will hate to loose but I expect events like this will get more and more common with the new cap structure.

Two Minutes Fancy
Any reader of this little blog can tell that the Bird likes to curse. Any of you lovely folks who know the Bird in person knows just how much! I am pretty liberal with my mouth but am trying to clean it up a bit. If only so I dont say motherfucker in front of my mom again.

Today at work while I was calling someone a douchebag I thought to myself, "Wow...that really is a nasty insult."

Then it struck me how interesting it is that douchebag is allowed on television but shit isnt? You can't even say goddamn but you can say jesus was a douchebag. Well, maybe not.

I think the Daily Show was the first to really test the douchebag waters when they called Robert Novak a "Douchebag of Liberty". Now though, everyone is getting into the act. Just last week I saw the beloved Conan O'Brien calling someone a douche...i think it was himself.

While bitch and damn have entered the television lexicon, I think it will be quite a while before you hear clusterfuck on the tube.

Off to wash my mouth out...

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