12 July 2005

McClellan Rage

Two posts in one week. Anger must be bubbling inside of me...just beneath the surface like magma.

Two Minutes Hate
I have posted about Karl Rove in the past. Maybe you think he is a brilliant strategist, I would probably agree. Hitler was too but that doesnt mean they both wernt righteous pricks (nah...just jerkin yer chain Rove...Hitler was a much bigger prick then you). Whether you love or hate the Bush Administration, you have to realize and respect the role that Rove plays. Anyone who can make a dunderhead like Bush seem like presidential material has to have a brain in there somewhere. The problem as I see it is that Karl's brain is used for evil! You know what our big-blue friend would say..."Villains, I say to you now, Knock off all that Evil!"

And really, joking aside...leaking the name of a CIA operative is in such bad form that the President himself said that if someone from the White House was involved that they would be fired. Alas, what do you do when the leak turns out to be your right hand man Mr. Rove? Well, like any good leader you send out your press sec. McClellan to look like a jackass. You can read the transcript of the press briefing here. If you really want to have a good time check out the C-SPAN video of the briefing here.

Talk about embarrassing. I would almost feel bad for McClellan if he wasnt so weaselly looking.

People...really think about this Rove thing. He is Bush's right hand man (or vice versa, perhaps) on everything the administration does. He was never elected, never subjected to any questioning by Congress like other members of the Bush Administration. He is completely outside the check and balance system...who is this guy? Do you really know?

Happy Tuesdays to you all

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