18 July 2005

Tank Rage

I am in a sour mood today. I worked this horrible show last night, so that didnt help. I suppose I am just feeling down....ohhh...pity party for Bird! I had strange dreams about the washington post, my father, and newbie.

Oh, how about a pops update before we get to the Two Minutes Hate. My sister was in the edge this weekend, going through his old shit to make sure that he didnt throw away all the sentimental items. I heard he was chucking out a pair of bronzed baby shoes when his soon to be ex stopped him. Man, he can be such a douche sometimes. So, sometime this week he is headed over the hills to visit me and my brother kilroy. I can tell you what...as much as I (often reluctantly) love the old fart, there is no way in hell he is parking his trailer near my house. He is going to stay for a day I think and then head to my sisters place in Potato, I mean idaho. Christ only knows what I am going to do with him. Say good bye in case he dies before I see him again i suppose.

Two Minutes Hate
So...here is a story from the NBC news station here in the good ol Mile High City. Tom Tancredo, the nutbag Colorado Republican Representative said that if "terrorists" attacked us with nuclear weapons that maybe in response we could knock out their holy sites. Honestly Tank, what are you doing even answering a question like this? And when are we going to stop calling them terrorists. As co-worker Smidge pointed out, "How can we call people terrorists when we are in their country attacking them." Yes, good point. Shouldnt we call them enemies at this point? Sure, some are from Pakistan or other countries but really, when we are in Iraq killing hundreds of people a day, arent some of them just fighting for what they believe in (even if we dont agree with them)? Are they really terrorists when they travel to this country and attack us back? But I digress...

Tom Tancredo is running for president. Are you excited? I know I am. He isnt running because he thinks he has a snowballs chance in hell of winning...he is running because then he can peddle his message to more people. Make some kind of name for himself. This is a guy who, during an interview with John Hawkins of the Right Wing News, said

"People ask me, "Well of the Islamic Community, how many would you say are really terrorists?" I say, "There are relatively few, less than 10% of the Muslim population that you could categorize as (supporters of) terrorists." Now how many people in their heart of hearts in that community want to see the demise of this country? How many would cheer, not out loud maybe, but in their heart when things like 9/11 occur and I'll tell you; it's a majority among them."

Tank, really...you have outdone yourself this time. I am sure the whitebread-redneck-bigots of District 6 (which sadly I am now part of since I moved) will really appreciate how you are "Working for Colorado."

peace and tweets~
The Bird


Anonymous said...

Dude, you live in district 7. Bob Beauprez's district.
Tank represents castle rock/littleton - Douglas County -- get it right punk!

And personally, I find nothing wrong with a retaliatory strike against Mecca or Medina or Qom or Fallujah or any other holy city in the face against a HYPOTHETICAL nuclear blast here. If that ever happened, it would be over for the world as we know it. Regardless of who was in office when it happened, the U.S. would take out Mecca and Medina take Riyadh, Damascus, Tehran, et al. and run up the stars and bars. The entire middle east would become a u.s. protectorate.

And for that matter, I don’t see anything at all wrong with flushing a friggin’ Koran down the toilet. This isn’t a war on terror….terror is a tactic…not an enemy. It’s a war on radical fundamentalist islam and you have to hit where it hurts.

Let the hatred for me begin!

As for the old man’s trip, how about the Electric Emphysema White Bread Cheese and Keystone tour?

Bird said...

Electric Emphysema White Bread Cheese and Keystone tour.

Everyone, it is Kilroy in the flesh...and yes, you are correct, Tank represents portions of my lovely county but I am in District 7 with its equally a stinky Rep. Bob Beauprez. Thanks for the catch bro.

C. William Boyer said...

Love your post, Bird. Keep up the good work. Looks like you have a real philosopher reading your work, Mr. Anonymous Said. The best is how the fellow reveals his true colors (Rebel colors) calling for mass nuking. Arabs, Blacks, Jews, they're really all the same with folks who want to kill millions and run up the Stars & Bars. Gee, with these kind of thoughts, it's hard to believe ANYBODY could possibly wish of ill.

Regarding 9-11: if I lived in the middle-east and watched the appalling indecencies committed by the American military-cultural machine, I would applaud the towers coming down, too.

Keep up the Hate! For the Right, that is.

Peace out,


And, if so inclined, please do link the Rant to your site.

Anonymous said...

God, what a crybaby. That’s how it is…somebody says something a little un-pc and the first thought is….he’s an ignorant racist.

As someone who doesn’t give a fuck about religion (any religion...they’re all pure horseshit), I have no problems leveling a holy city. None.

I’m not sitting here advocating mass nuking, I’m proffering a possible (likely) scenario for retaliation in the highly unlikely event of a nuclear blast in D.C. or N.Y or other densely-populated city.

You’re either crazily na├»ve or out of your gourd if you don’t think the possibility of lobbing ICBM’s into holy cities for retaliatory purposes hasn’t been seriously considered.