21 July 2005

Old Man Rage

The NHLPA voted to approve the new CBA today in Toronto. The owners will approve it tomorrow and then the lockout will be officially over. Some numnuts of a sports writer yesterday said that he thought it would be a close vote with perhaps 400 of the 700 players voting against the deal. Honestly, who are these people and how can I get their jobs? No way in hell the players are going to vote against the CBA. They already got hosed holding out until now. Do any of them really think that if they put off another season that a better deal would come around? I will say it again, hockey players are not a bunch of punch drunk goons. They know when to fold. They sorely underestimated the solidarity of the owners and they paid for it. To not sign this CBA would be beyond moronic.

Also in the news....This Guy! John Roberts is so clean he squeaks. This guy is an eagle scout for christs sake. The SC people are total crapshoots as to how they will really perform when on the bench. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out. The abortion issue is, of course, going to be a talking point during the confirmation hearings but really I can find very little other information about the guy. What does worry me to no end is that there is a Western Peanut and Panhandle Peanut Growers Association. Good lord...if there is ever some kind of Peanut Supreme Court case, Roberts will be walkin tall!

Two Minutes Hate
Oh yes folks, the first leg of the Electric Emphysema White Bread Cheese and Keystone tour is rolling into town this Saturday at 3pm. Wow I am so excited. Except that the old man wants to sleep at my place. I am going to a show that night. A show I have been looking forward to for a while. If my wackadoo (23 skidoo) father thinks that I am going to miss Slim Cessna and West Memphis Three Awareness Day he is out of his mind. I dont have television, I dont have crappy country music, and I am not cooking his sorry old ass breakfast.

The Bird

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