29 July 2005

Scout Rage

Ahh...the wonders of being able to blog from home. Now there will be non-stop blogging. Sounds kind of dirty eh? Trust me...there will be no sex.

Two Minutes Hate
Yes, I know what you are thinking. Isnt it kinda mean to rage about the boy scouts when they are going through such a hard time? Perhaps if I had a soul or cared for children it would seem inappropriate. However, the Bird is not burdened by these things and that is one reason you love me...my little ball of hate.

In case you haven't been checking out the news (Bone I am looking right at you), the scouts have been getting into some real pickles! First there was the Norovirus-like illness at Camp Yawgoog (did somebody step on a duck?). Then four scout leaders were killed when the poles to a dining tent they were seting up touched electrical lines above. Then, while waiting for President Bush to arrive to open the big Jamboree, hundreds fell ill of heat strokes. (Nevermind the fact that Bush didnt even make it...talk about a cold hearted bastard). Finally, just today in California a group of scouts were hit by lightning while taking shelter from a storm. The scout leader was killed and another child was in critical condition.

These events, which span less then two weeks, leads me to wonder. What the fuck have the boy scouts done to piss off god? And perhaps more importantly...what happened to the cardinal rule of the boy scouts...say it with me..

Be Prepared
Yes, this is the Boy Scout Fucking Motto

The ironing is delicious.

Come on kidos....buck up and screw that head on tight! There are a lot of Boy Scout Adventures coming up and we have already lost half a dozen people!



Bird said...

A headline from the local news
"Event planners say Scouting officials were not prepared for ill-fated Jamboree"

Need I say anymore?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...here's a thought:
god is gay and this is his vengeance!
mmmm...now that's delicious!