12 February 2007

5 Year Old Bitch and Moan

Five years ago, on December 2nd, I was driving down a hill near a hospital. Rolling along, foot off the gas- I hit 40mph. A police officer standing at the bottom of the hill clocked me going 5 over the limit. He waves me to the side of the road.

"Here it is," I think, "the first time I have been pulled over." I am actually kind of excited because I think that maybe he will see my long driving history with no tickets and realize that i dont really deserve one. Foolish? Perhaps but it was the first time i had ever been pulled over.

He walks up to the car and doesnt ask for my license or registration. He says instead, "Here's your ticket. You were going 40 in a 35 (he shows me the radar gun readout). Sign here unless you want to go to court and protest the ticket." Dumbfounded I sign. "Here," he shoves the ticket into my hand and walks away. Back to his car ready to nail another person rolling down the hill.

That's it. He wasnt nice and i didnt even get a chance to tell him he was popping my cherry (gross). I paid 100-somethin and he took two points from my license.

Today, I got a copy of my MVR and this ticket was the only thing on it...stupid cop!

I suppose I should be happy that the last ticket i received was in New Mexico. That police officer pulled me over near roswell going 86 in a 65. Yikes. He was very nice and we chatted up archaeology a bit. He wasnt even phased by my rental car insurance. Then he dropped my ticket to 85 in a 65 saving me 100+ bucks. I kinda hoped he would let me off but...that one i deserved.

Safe driving folks!!


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