09 February 2007

Jump Back...I Wanna Kiss Myself

That's right, I'm super bad.

Three things I wanted to mention popped into my head this morning. Four actually...and now a fifth. Damn, there's a little peek into my brain right?


In no particular order..

#1 James Brown is still not buried?! How is this possible?

#2 The Grey Poupon guy is dead! Sadness. I am predicting a rash of jokes when people realize this. The actor (who's name is not 'the grey poupon guy' but Ian Richardson) was in Brazil. What a great film that was..please do see it if you havent already. If you have, how creepy was that mask at the end??

#3 Cheese on Television

#4 I hate to sound like a bitch (wait...no i dont!) but can we not pretend that Anna Nicole Smith was anything other then a gold-digging moron? On the CNN "feedback" page someone actually said, "She always managed to be a real person." Um...are you fucking kidding me? You know a lot of doped up former playboy playmates? Did Heff send that comment in?

#5...true to form I cant remember the fifth. Oh, I remember. I finally saw the War of the Worlds. It was creepy but I was bummed at the let down of the ending. Anyway, just a bit ago the phone rings and i pick it up and I swear i hear that HHHOOOOOORRRRRRRNNNN sound that so creeped me out. Actually, it was more like buzzing and clicking but it reminded me of aliens and that reminded me of the HHHHOOORRRRNN sound and I wanted to mention it. Can anyone come up with a better way to write the sound...HHHHOOOORRRRNNNN isnt quite right.

Okay, that is it for me. Happy friday to you all


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