23 February 2007

The Early Bird Gets an Udi Burrito and a Cup-a-Joe

So it hit me, right at Mississippi and 225, "The call is coming from inside the house!"

...at least, that is how it felt.

Let me go back and explain a bit--

The birdmobile was way overdue for an oil change and brake repair. I always take the car to the best mechanic in the world even though his shop is in Golden and my house is in E-470 Centennial. I mean, the guys name is Buddy...how can you go wrong.

Q was a great help, dropping the car off on wed-nes-day and taking me into work the next morning. That night we go to get the car and I have a momentary worry when I cant remember if my checkbook is in the car or not.

"Yes, I'm sure of it. 100%," I say, which should have been the sign that i was totally screwed. I get to the car and what do you know; no checkbook. "But I could have sworn..." We end up "stealing" my car and I vow to get up early and drive over before the shop opens up at 8am. A serious vow for a chica who's shovelbum co-workers call sleepyhead.

This morning the alarm goes off at 5am-but it doesnt matter because I havent been able to sleep since around 3am. Something is bothering me and i cant figure out what. I get dressed in the dark-get in the car and take off-kinda laughing at myself. Silly bird...

I actually like driving so it isnt so horrible, especially at this hour with no traffic---and that's when my brain finally puts it together. Oh...My...God

My planner---My bag---girl scout cookies

My checkbook is in my planner in my bag which was in my hand as i unlocked the car door. It was in the seat next to me as I rifled through the center console. It was brushing up against my hand as I plunged elbow deep to check the pockets in my bag.

Awwwwww fuck. "The call is coming from inside the house," was the first thing that popped outta my mouth.

What can you do but laugh at yourself right? Which brings me to my

Two Minutes Hate

Something I havent done in a long time...

What is going through the heads of those people who weave in and out of semi-congested traffic? I mean...are they just crusing along thinking, "Wheeeeee" or do they think it makes them look cool? Are they so arrogant that they dont feel the cold hand of fate reaching for them?

Sometimes I pretend that there must be some kind of emergency; family memebers dead or dying-wife giving birth in the backseat. But at 6am? Honestly are you just that excited to get to your little cube? To sit at your cramped little desk and start selling your life insurance or managing peoples portfolios? I dont get it. Is it that you have a tiny dick?

If my friend drove like that I would punch him in the face. I would bloody his nose. Yes, I am looking at you Carl, Mr. "I invented the Arnold Palmer" If you do this please visit my profile on the right, near that fetching photo and send me an email telling me what the fuck you're thinking.

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