08 February 2007

Tonia and David Parker of Lexington Mass Are Assholes

Tonia and David Parker sued after their 5-year-old son brought home a book from kindergarten that depicted a gay family.

They "...claim Lexington school officials violated their parental rights to teach their own morals to their children."

You know these are the same douchebags who also want the ten comandments posted at school and would be completely unable to see the irony behind that.

If you are so worried about your child then instead of suing the fucking school district and making an ass of yourself, why dont you be a fucking parent and spend some time with your gd child after school telling them what you believe? Oh no, you cant do that, NASCAR is on, my mistake.

"an attorney for the parents who filed the lawsuit, called the homosexual discussions and materials "a form of propaganda" that goes against the parents' religious beliefs. He said the parents do not want to dictate curriculum, but do want to be able to remove their young children from classrooms when homosexuality or gay marriage is being discussed.

'What they fear is that their children are being brainwashed,' he said."

Go fuck yourselves you worthless bags of shit...

Should this get me so angry?

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Tonia Parker said...

It's bass fishing, not Nascar.